Gravbox is the first augmented-reality sandbox to demonstrate gravitational dynamics in mass distributions sculptured with sand. Nine University of Iowa astronomy juniors and seniors in ASTR:3771/3772 developed Gravbox from August 2016 to January 2018.

Student Team:
  • Algorithm: Jacob Isbell, Sophie Deam, Jianbo Lu
  • User Interface: Mason Reed, Erin Maier, Zach Luppen
  • Hardware: Ross McCurdy, Sadie Moore, Wyatt Bettis
Support Team:
  • Graphic Design Advisor: Jeremy Swanston, MFA 
  • Machinist: Brian Busch
  • IT: Kristian Thompson, Daniel Elder
Principal Investigator:


Gravbox - The First Augmented Reality Sandbox for Gravitational Dynamics

AAS Presentation

American Astronomical Society, AAS Meeting #231, January 2018

Hai Fu


For more information on Gravbox, contact Hai Fu, Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Iowa: 319-335-0402 email: